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axlAbstractSurfaceNurbs Class Reference

#include <axlAbstractSurfaceNurbs.h>

Inheritance diagram for axlAbstractSurfaceNurbs:
axlAbstractSurfaceBSpline axlAbstractSurfaceParametric axlAbstractSurface axlAbstractData

Public Member Functions

 axlAbstractSurfaceNurbs (void)
virtual ~axlAbstractSurfaceNurbs (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from axlAbstractSurfaceBSpline
 axlAbstractSurfaceBSpline (void)
virtual ~axlAbstractSurfaceBSpline (void)
virtual axlAbstractSurfaceBSplinecopy (void) const
virtual int countControlPoints (void) const
virtual int countControlPoints_u (void) const
virtual int countControlPoints_v (void) const
virtual int knotVectorSize_u (void) const
virtual int knotVectorSize_v (void) const
virtual int order_u (void) const
virtual int order_v (void) const
virtual double getCoord (int n, int m, int v) const
virtual axlPoint getCoef (int n, int m) const
virtual axlPoint getCoef (int n) const
virtual double getWeight (int n, int m) const
virtual bool setCoef (int n, int m, int v, double c)
virtual bool setCoef (int n, int m, double *controlPoint)
virtual bool setCoef (int n, double *controlPoint)
virtual double getKnot_u (int n) const
virtual double getKnot_v (int n) const
virtual void setSurface (int pointsCount_u, int pointsCount_v, int order_u, int order_v, int dimension, double *knots_u, double *knots_v, double *points, bool rational)
 axlAbstractSurfaceBSpline::setSurface More...
virtual void updateRcoeff ()
virtual void insertKnot_u (double k)
virtual void removeKnot_u (double k)
virtual void insertKnot_v (double k)
virtual void removeKnot_v (double k)
virtual bool rational (void) const
virtual QVector< axlPoint * > sampling ()
virtual void gridEvaluator (int num_u, int num_v, std::vector< double > &points, std::vector< double > &param_u, std::vector< double > &param_v)
virtual QString printCoeffs (bool print) const
virtual QString printKnotsVector (bool print) const
virtual QString description (void) const
QVariantList convertDataToQVariant (void) const
 Convert an axlAbstractData into a QVariantList that specifies all properties of the axlAbstractData. More...
int convertQVariantToData (const QVariantList &data)
 Modify properties and geometry variables of the axlAbstractData. Return 1 if the modification was sucessfully made. Otherwise return 0. More...
double scalarValue (double u, double v)
void setScalarValue (double u, double v, double value)
virtual bool connectionsAreDefined (void)
 Return true if control points connections were defined by developers. False if there are default connections visualization. More...
virtual QList< int > getControlPointConnection (int i)
 The list returned contains all indices of coefficients that are still to be connected to the ith coefficient. More...
virtual void defineControlPointConnection (int i, int j)
 Define connection between the ith and the jth coefficient. More...
virtual void resetControlPointConnections (void)
 Removes all control point connections. More...
virtual void selectIndex (int i)
- Public Member Functions inherited from axlAbstractSurfaceParametric
 axlAbstractSurfaceParametric (void)
virtual ~axlAbstractSurfaceParametric (void)
virtual axlPoint eval (double u, double v)
virtual void eval (axlPoint *point, double u, double v)
virtual void eval (double &, double &, double &, double u, double v)
virtual void normal (axlPoint *normal, double u, double v)
virtual axlMesh eval (double u, double v, int derivs, bool u_from_right=true, bool v_from_right=true, double resolution=1.0e-12)
virtual dtkDeprecated::dtkVector3D< double > eval2 (double u, double v)
virtual void parameterOf (const axlPoint &point, double &um, double &vm)
virtual dtkDeprecated::dtkVector3D< double > normal (double u, double v)
virtual void normal (dtkDeprecated::dtkVector3D< double > *normal, double u, double v)
virtual double area (double tol)
virtual int numSamples_u (void)
virtual int numSamples_v (void)
virtual double startParam_u (void)
virtual double endParam_u (void)
virtual double startParam_v (void)
virtual double endParam_v (void)
virtual double startParam_u (int numCell)
virtual double endParam_u (int numCell)
virtual double startParam_v (int numCell)
virtual double endParam_v (int numCell)
virtual void eval (axlPoint *point, double u, double v, int numCell)
virtual void normal (axlPoint *normal, double u, double v, int numCell)
virtual bool hasCells (void)
virtual int countCells (void)
virtual int numSamples_u (int numCell)
virtual int numSamples_v (int numCell)
virtual int stripes (void)
virtual void setStripes (int stripes)
virtual void setNumSamples_u (int numSamples)
virtual void setNumSamples_v (int numSamples)
const int & samples_u (void) const
const int & samples_v (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from axlAbstractSurface
 axlAbstractSurface (void)
virtual ~axlAbstractSurface (void)
virtual int dimension (void) const
virtual axlMeshtoAxlMesh (void)
virtual void * surface (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from axlAbstractData
 axlAbstractData (axlAbstractData *parent=NULL)
 axlAbstractData (const axlAbstractData &data)
virtual ~axlAbstractData (void)
const QColor & color (void) const
const double & opacity (void) const
const double & size (void) const
const QString & shader (void) const
const bool & editable (void)
const bool & updateView (void)
void setColor (double r, double g, double b)
void addField (axlAbstractField *field)
 Add a field to the field list of the object. More...
bool updateFieldList (QString nameField)
 Check if a field with the same name is already applied on the object. More...
QString changeFieldName (QString fieldName)
axlMeshmesh (void)
 Return the mesh of that object is computed. More...
void setMesh (axlMesh *mesh)
 Set a corresponding mesh for that object. More...
void setUpdateView (bool updateView)
QList< axlAbstractField * > fields (void)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Slots inherited from axlAbstractSurfaceParametric
void setSamples_u (const int &color)
void setSamples_v (const int &color)
- Public Slots inherited from axlAbstractData
void touchGeometry (void)
void touchProperty (void)
void touchStructure (void)
virtual void touchField (void)
void setColor (const QColor &color)
void setOpacity (const double &opacity)
void setSize (const double &size)
void setShader (const QString &shader)
void setEditable (bool edit)
- Signals inherited from axlAbstractSurfaceBSpline
void updated (void)
void samplingChanged (void)
void edgeSelected (int numEdge, int previous, int n)
void indexSelected (int i)
void modifiedControlPoints (void)
- Signals inherited from axlAbstractData
void modifiedGeometry (void)
void modifiedStructure (void)
void modifiedField (void)
void modifiedProperty (void)
- Properties inherited from axlAbstractSurfaceParametric
int samples_u
int samples_v
- Properties inherited from axlAbstractData
QColor color
double opacity
double size
QString shader

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

axlAbstractSurfaceNurbs::axlAbstractSurfaceNurbs ( void  )

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axlAbstractSurfaceNurbs::~axlAbstractSurfaceNurbs ( void  )

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