Download & Install

linux64 osx64 win64 source


Binary distributions can be installed with conda for Linux, MacOS and Windows. This installation requires first the installation of conda:

Install conda

  • Download miniconda and install it:

    bash Miniconda*-*-*-*.sh

    Preferably use Miniconda3. See here for more details.

  • Set up your environment, by adding the path to the directory of conda in the variable PATH.

    For Linux or MacOS, you can add the corresponding line:

    export PATH=/path/to/where/you/have/installed/miniconda*/bin:$PATH

    at the end of your file $HOME/.bashrc (or $HOME/.bash_profile) to have the variable PATH set up, each time you open a terminal. To set up the environment after editing the file, use:

    source $HOME/.bashrc

    For Windows, edit your environment variable PATH and add the path to the installation of miniconda C:\\....\\Miniconda*\\...\\Library\\bin\\.

Install Axl with conda

Once conda is installed, you can use it to install Axl:

conda install axl -c agm-distrib

Check that axl is now running:


This should start the application axl, with its initial view of a frame.

These binary distributions for linux64, osx64 and win64 are from:

where new releases will be made available.

Update Axl version

To installed a new version of axl:

conda update axl -c agm-distrib

See here for more details.


The sources can be downloaded from

as follows:

git clone
cd axl

See the compilation instructions.