How to apply a process on a selected data

Meriadeg Perrinel

This section describes how to apply a process on a data. In the following example, a BSpline surface is created and an offset surface is constructed. It assumes that the plugin BSplineTools is loaded.

  1. Open Axl and create a BSpline Surface using the creator tool, provided e.g. by the plugin BSplineTools (See how to create a data here):
  1. Offset process juste needs one BSpline surface as input, that’s why you just have to go back to object inspector and select it. In fact, to use a process, you have to select every data you need as input of your process from the object inspector :
  1. Open the tool inspector and select Offset tag, then choose the process adapted for your input data (goProcessOffsetSurfaceBSpline in our case). Then set the offset distance parameter and apply the process by clicking on the run button :

Congratulation, the corresponding offset data has been created. You can now use it as a new data for what ever you want.